The first change for share was her symbol in 2002.  It was thought that sharing lolly pops was more healthy then sharing the ice cream soda.  Then the head was changed to a Birthday bear model in the Brazil release.

Champ Bear’s color was changed to exemplify the color of first place (blue) to go with the trophy tummy symbol. The heart on the trophy was also changed to a star in 2002.

Good Lucks symbol was enlarged and lost the outline in 2005.

The changes for Funshine was the subtraction of the sun’s big cheeks on the tummy symbol in 2002, and receiving Tender heart’s  head in the Brazil release.

In 2005 Birthday bear “lost” his head, when the Tender heart head was used in this new release .

Grumpy finally got some eye brows in 2005.

Wish bears only change was receiving Bedtime’s bear’s head in the Brazil release.

Cheer Bear “lost” her tongue in 2002, and in 2007 her tummy symbol got small enough to see the ends of the rainbow.



20th Anniversary


Brazil Bears 2005-2006

Cuties Bears 2007-2008